Share Button focuses on two things:Stock Photo of the Consitution of the United States and Feather Quill

  1. Structural issues confronting American democracy that (I believe) are getting inadequate coverage on most news outlets and
  2.  Concrete, specific, actions you can take to help defend our democracy that require minimal time commitment.

While everything’s subjective to some degree, I will be focusing as best I can on issues that appear to be wholly non-partisan that carry broad support across American demographics and geography.

Sure, I have political views too, but I will try best I can to refrain from discussing those issues.  There are a handful of serious concerns facing America today and my goal is to encourage a sense of American unity to foster the cooperation needed to solve these problems. These topics, in other words, are more important than my opinions about either 1) things that really matter to me (climate change) or 2) the daily partisan hackery that dominates our national news networks.  Without access to a well functioning democratic process we all lose equally.

America is a large, complex, complicated society.  We are also a multicultural society, having accepted immigrants around the world for centuries – sometimes with open arms, sometimes with great tension.  Many of us have personal or spiritual beliefs that would seem anathema to others several states over.  And yet, despite this almost remarkable diversity of cultural values there is a common concept that binds all Americans together into a sensible and unified society: that all people have the fundamental right to self-governance.

At Sinking Ark I will do my best to discuss only the problems that threaten to erode that right.  Politics be damned.


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However, understanding that one of the key issues that will be discussed on this blog will be mass surveillance, I certainly wouldn’t hold it against you if you decide to stay off facebook.